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Sickle SCAN – the world’s first POCT for SCD

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What We Do

At BioMedomics, we use cutting-edge technology to create life saving diagnostic solutions and address global healthcare needs. BioMedomics is an ISO 13485 certified company based out of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Built on the foundation as the world’s leading manufacturer of hemoglobin S and hemoglobin F, BioMedomics boasts of Sickle SCAN ®, the world’s first rapid, POCT (point of care test) for SCD (sickle cell disease) and trait. BioMedomics’ POCT tests produce rapid and accurate clinical results at the point-of-care without requiring complex and expensive lab equipment-providing rapid clinical information in the hands of healthcare providers. With that knowledge comes the power to make treatment decisions and save lives.

Why We're Needed

Despite treatment availability, people in rural and remote communities still die from easily treatable diseases due to limited diagnostic testing capabilities. Mortality rates for some diseases severely affects under-resourced countries, which may lack the infrastructure to transport expensive laboratory equipment, recruit trained personnel, and supply reliable electricity. It’s a void that point-of-care diagnostic tests are designed to fill. Our diagnostic tests can be used anywhere, anytime, making it possible to provide simple, quick, accurate, and affordable clinical results to the most vulnerable members of society.

Our Solution


We make point-of-care diagnostic tests which provide immediate answers to individuals and their healthcare providers wherever they are. Our innovative products are dedicated to the diagnosis of blood disorders and the identification of microorganisms and pathogens of global concern. Explore our product pages for more information.

Research & Development

BioMedomics is committed to meeting unmet market needs by developing innovative point-of-care diagnostic technologies. We are working on ways to harness antibody design and development, advanced immunoassay platforms, and testing automation and A.I. for applications in hematology, infectious disease, oncology, women’s health, and other areas.

Latest News

BioMedomics Announces Grants , Starting on June 19th, 2024,the world Sickle Cell Day, to Advance Sickle Cell Disease Testing in Sub-Saharan Africa

BioMedomics, the manufacturer of Sickle SCAN, the world’s first Point of Care rapid test for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), is excited to announce a Request
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BioMedomics, Inc. Recertified for ISO 13485

BioMedomics, Inc. is proud to announce that the BSI Group of America has accredited and recertified our ISO 13485:2016 certification. The certification of compliance with
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Saudi FDA Approval Announcement

BioMedomics is an ISO 13485 certified company committed to meeting unmet market needs by developing innovative point-of-care diagnostic tests which provide immediate answers to individuals
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