Product Brief_Sickle SCAN_Unique Features

Sickle SCAN Product Brief, Unique Features of Sickle SCAN Rapid Test

Instructions_Sickle SCAN_EN

Sickle SCAN Instructions For Use, Letter Size, English

Clinical SS_2018 Smart-Ware_Ann Hematol

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Smart et al. Simultaneous point-of-care detection of anemia and sickle cell disease in Tanzania: the RAPID study. Ann Hematol. 97:239–246, 2018

Clinical SS_2018 Segbena-Guindo_BMC Hematol

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Segbena et al. Diagnostic accuracy in field conditions of the sickle SCAN® rapid test for sickle cell disease among children and adults in two West African settings: the DREPATEST study. BMC Hamtology. 18:26, 2018

Clinical SS_2018 Nguyen-Khoa_Blood

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Nguyen-Khoa et al. Hemoglobin S Screening Using the Sickle Scan (BioMedomics) System: the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital Experience. Blood. 128:1308, 2016

Clinical SS_2018 Nguyen-Khoa_Ann Biol Clin

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Nguyen-Khoa et al. Sickle SCAN (BioMedomics) fulfills analytical conditions for neonatal screening of sickle cell disease. Ann Biol Clin. 76(4):416-20, 2018

Clinical SS_2018 Menzato-Colombatti_Blood

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Menzato et al. Successful simultaneous  screening of Sickle Cell Disease, HIV and Tuberculosis in rural Guinea Bissau, West Africa through rapid tests and a standardized clinical questionnaire: An outreach program due to a public-private partnership. Blood.

Clinical SS_2016 McGann-et al_American Jour Hema

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, McGann et al. Characteristics of a rapid, point-of-care lateral flow immunoassay for the diagnosis of sickle cell disease. Am. J. Hematol.

Clinical SS_2015 Williams_BMC Med

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Williams. An accurate and affordable test for the rapid diagnosis of sickle cell disease could revolutionize the outlook for affected children born in resource-limited settings. BMC Medicine.

Clinical SS_2015 Kanter_BMC Med

Sickle SCAN Clinical Study, Kanter et al. Validation of a novel point of care testing device for sickle cell disease. BMC Medicine.

Brochure_LET_Sickle SCAN 1P_EN

Sickle SCAN Product Brochure, Single Page, Letter Size, English