eHealth Africa, Sickle Cell Well Africa Foundation, and Pro-Health International Conduct Sickle Cell Campaign in Nigeria with Sickle SCAN Rapid Test

During the first two weeks of December, eHealth Africa (eHA) organized the Sickle Cell Campaigns, an outreach program focused on raising awareness of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), its signs and symptoms, inheritance patterns, the importance of SCD genotype testing, and prevention.

A total of 602 people were screened for the disease at no charge using the BioMedomics Sickle SCAN Rapid Test Kit. Patients who tested positive for SCD and  who presented with symptoms were given routine medication and advised on first-level crisis management or referred to local primary health care centers.

eHealth Africa, Pro-Health International, and the Sickle Cell Well Africa Foundation (SCWAF) presented the campaign results at stakeholder meetings in Nigeria’s Bauchi and Gombe States, and provided evidence-based recommendations on approaches to Sickle Cell Disease.

Going forward, eHA intends to work with Pro-Health International to develop a comprehensive data collection tool which will support tracking and follow up of SCD patients in Pro-Health Sickle Cell Clinics. More information on the topic can be found on eHA’s blog and website at


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