Point-of-Care Testing Products

Our point-of-care products apply cutting-edge technology to achieve the same accurate and reliable results you expect from a large laboratory while offering distinct advantages. Patients get immediate results wherever they may be – at home, in the field, or a healthcare provider’s office – and practitioners are empowered to make swift clinical decisions and expedite treatment. For diseases where early detection improves the prognosis for survival, point-of-care testing can be lifesaving, particularly for people in remote areas without access to specialized testing equipment. 

Hematology Point-of-Care Tests

BioMedomics is dedicated to developing point-of-care products that aid in the diagnosis of blood disorders. We give special attention to underserved patient populations and diseases where current diagnostic methods are quite costly and impractical for many communities around the world.

Sickle SCAN ®

BioMedomics Sickle SCAN® is a multiplexed, qualitative, point-of-care immunoassay used for the rapid diagnosis of sickle cell disorders. The test is made up of three indicators which detect the presence of hemoglobins A, S, and C, allowing the user to rapidly distinguish between normal, carrier, and sickle cell disease samples.

Microbiology Point-of-Care Tests

BioMedomics wants to use advances in chemistry and technology to improve current methods of microscopic analysis and make the identification of microorganisms simpler, easier, faster, and more accurate. Here again, our focus is on microorganisms and pathogens of global concern and our solutions consider communities and environments impacted the most by these diseases.

Fungi SCAN All-In-One Stain

BioMedomics Fungi SCAN™ All-in-One Stain is a unique sample processing reagent that uses potassium hydroxide (KOH) to dissolve non-fungal cells, a fluorescent compound that binds to ß-polysaccharides in the fungal cell wall, and a counterstain to improve contrast.