Research & Development

We’re committed to developing life-saving diagnostic technologies which address global healthcare needs. Our research and development efforts focus on achieving laboratory-equivalent sensitivity and specificity using point-of-care platforms, delivering rapid, accurate clinical results that patients and healthcare providers can rely on when making treatment decisions.


Our core competencies include:

  • Antibody design & development: Detection of analytes in clinical samples is crucial for the early diagnosis of disease. Antibodies can be generated against almost any analyte and the high specificity of antibody-antigen interactions can be exploited for point-of-care diagnostic platform development.
  • Bioconjugation: This burgeoning field of research seeks to develop novel methods to bind molecules together. For point-of-care diagnostics, the rapid detection of analytes in clinical samples depends on the development of reusable biosensors which typically consist of biomolecules attached to surfaces via robust bioconjugation linkages.
  • Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology allows for the design and manufacture of complex multi-functional devices which could lead to the miniaturization of biological assays and POC platforms.

Our Technology

Advances in technology create opportunities to detect results in point-of-care settings with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity formerly only achievable by central lab equipment.

  • Lateral flow Immunoassays (LFIA): Immunoassays are tests that take advantage of the specific binding of an antibody to its antigen. Lateral flow tests are a popular point-of-care platform in which the test sample flows along a solid substrate via capillary action. The sample encounters and mixes with a colored reagent as it passes through the substrate, and the colored reagent can become bound to a test line or zone pretreated with an antibody or antigen based on the analytes present. LFIAs, in their current form, are not easily quantifiable and have sensitivity limitations, and we are developing next generation LFIAs which address those issues.
  • Time-resolved (TR) assays: BioMedomics has developed an advanced TR LFIA technology which applies a time resolved fluorescence to eliminate the background noise from samples and strip materials, improving detection sensitivity by two or three magnitudes. The technique involves exciting a fluorescent label of a long lifetime with a short pulse of light, then waiting a period of time for the background and other unwanted fluorescence to decay to a low level before collecting the remaining long-lived fluorescent signal.
  • Nanoparticle-based platforms: BioMedomics is using small highly conductive carbon-based nanoparticles to develop a next generation platform which eliminates the need for labeling, membranes, or any optical elements. It uses antibody-functionalized, carbon-nanoparticle field-effect transistor (FET) sensors coupled to lateral flow immunoassay technologies. Antibodies are attached to nanoparticles and placed on biosensor strips allowing ultra-sensitive circuits to detect antibody attachment. Direct electronics detection eliminates many of the issues with fluorescent and optical detection and offers the potential for real-time and continuous monitoring with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity in a small, simple device similar to a Blood Glucose Monitor.

Our Products

Developing rapid, affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use tests for under-diagnosed diseases of global concern is our primary objective. We are expanding Hematology product offerings and developing point-of-care products for Women’s Health. Oncology is another priority, and our patented nanoparticle-based platform offers the potential for earlier and more precise clinical diagnosis for some cancers and has application for post-treatment monitoring to detect disease recurrence.

Possibilities/Looking Forward

The novel technologies in development at BioMedomics will expand business opportunities to diagnose diseases with simple, fast, accurate point-of-care platforms.

These platforms hold promise for a broad range of applications, both clinical and non-clinical, from bio-defense, drug delivery and development, to veterinary diagnostics, substance abuse testing, food safety tests, and environmental monitoring.

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