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Overview of Clinical Resources

At BioMedomics, our mission is to save and improve lives by putting healthcare knowledge in the hands of patients, caregivers, and clinicians. Receiving a diagnosis can be life-altering. We’ve developed resources to inform and encourage patient discussions with healthcare providers about tests results, treatment options, and symptom management.  Resources for clinicians also provide supporting diagnostic information about our products.

For Patients

Resources to help patients and their families better understand sickle cell disease, fungal infections, and health conditions targeted by our diagnostic tests. By providing these resources, we hope to increase patient confidence in discussions with their healthcare provider about test results.

For Clinicians

Resources for clinicians include links to publications which describe our technology as well as studies which validate the effectiveness, accuracy, and reliability of our point-of-care tests. Resources are intended to help healthcare providers understand how our products work, and instill confidence in our results.