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Sickle SCAN® Approved by the Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority!

We are excited to announce that the Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority has given authorization to BioMedomics, Inc. to sell and distribute our world-renown Sickle SCAN® rapid test in Tanzania! We have partnered with Laborex Tanzania Limited to assist with distributing our product to customers.

Sickle SCAN® is the world’s leading Sickle Cell Disease detection test, winning over competitor testing methods with:

  • Fastest test result of 5 minutes
  • Highest sensitivity/specificity (99%/99%)
  • Differentiates trait from disease
  • NO specialized training required
  • NO electricity required

For information or questions about Sickle SCAN®, please email

To receive a quote and place an order, please email



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