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BioMedomics Femi SCAN is more accurate, easier, and faster than standard wet film smear or gram stain microscopy. Our dual fluorescent staining agent is designed to stain the DNA and RNA of cells and microorganisms in vaginal secretion samples, which then display different colors under fluorescent microscopes. In addition, a fully-automated slide staining system is available to ensure consistency and make slide preparation fast and simple.

Genital tract infections account for more than 55% of outpatient OB/GYN visits in the United States, with a total of 10 million office visits for vaginal infections. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s clinical management guidelines, “Vaginitis has a broad differential diagnosis and successful treatment frequently rests on accurate diagnosis.”

Features & Benefits

A simple, fully-automated staining system is available for Femi SCAN. Additionally, the staining system can be used with non-viable pathogenic samples.


  • Sharp contrast, high sensitivity
  • Highly specific DNA/RNA staining
  • Not affected by sample variances


  • 2 minutes per test
  • Intuitive visual interpretation
  • Real-time results

How It Works

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1. Smear clean microscope slide with sample.

2a. Use BioMedomics fully automated slide stainer to apply Femi SCAN two-part staining agent (30 seconds)


2b. Stain the slide manually with Femi SCAN two-part staining agent (1-3 minutes)

3. View with a fluorescent microscope.



BioMedomics Femi SCAN is a double fluorescent staining agent that is used to aid clinical professionals in the microscopic identification of vaginal microbes. 

BioMedomics Femi SCAN uses Sybr Green 1 and PerCP fluorescent dyes to specifically stain the DNA and RNA of cells and microorganisms in vaginal secretion samples, which display different colors under fluorescent light. These dyes are combined with counterstaining liquid to stain cell structures. The composite staining agent stains the indicator substance fluorescently.

After successful application of the Femi SCAN staining agent, the morphology of epithelial cells, white blood cells, bacilli, cocci, mold, and trichomoniasis are clearly visible under fluorescent light of specific wavelengths, enabling easier microscopic observation and evaluation.

No. Femi SCAN’s unique staining reagents use fluorescent dyes to provide superior contrast and visibility of microbial morphology and require the use of a microscope with a fluorescence light source.

When using Femi SCAN, select blue light with a wavelength of 450nm to 500nm as the excitation light.

No. Different microorganisms can appear green, orange-yellow, or orange-red when viewed under fluorescent microscopes, but colors are not indicative by themselves. Fluorescent staining using Femi SCAN helps to differentiate between microbes and background, but microbial identification still relies solely on the morphological analysis by the observer. Suspected positive samples should be resampled and retested for confirmation. For further confirmation, other test methods can be used.

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NOTE: BioMedomics Femi SCAN is not currently available for in vitro diagnostic use in the USA.

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BioMedomics Femi SCAN, the world’s first dual fluorescence staining agent to aid in the diagnosis of vaginal infections, makes diagnosis a reality for those who need it most. Clinicians can conduct the simple test in three easy steps and get results in less than 5 minutes. Femi SCAN is like three staining agents in one, and can help distinguish between bacterial, fungal, and parasitic microbes–critical information for the successful treatment of vaginal infections.

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Vaginal Infection

In the United States, about 30% of women between the ages of 14 and 49 are affected by bacterial vaginosis, one of several causes of vaginal infection. Each year, women in the USA make 10 million office visits for vaginal infections. While common, accurate diagnosis of vaginal infections is crucial. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists clinical management guidelines, “Vaginitis has a broad differential diagnosis and successful treatment frequently rests on accurate diagnosis.” Three different pathogens are the most common cause of infectious vaginitis: bacteria, candida albicans (yeast infection), and trichomonas. Effective treatments are different for all three.