BioMedomics™ Participates in Free Sickle Cell Screening Events Using Sickle SCAN® Rapid Test During MEA Rugby Championship

Morrisville, NC, USA – BioMedomics, a leader in innovative clinical diagnostics products that address global healthcare needs, participated in several sickle cell screening events in Nigeria during the recent Middle East-Africa Rugby League Championship tournament. The company used its Sickle SCAN Rapid Test during the events to screen people for sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait at no charge.

“What a great event to help raise awareness of sickle cell in Nigeria,” said BioMedomics CEO Frank Wang. “And the Sickle SCAN test was ideal for these kind of events because it provides results so quickly and reliably. The more people can know their status, the better.”

BioMedomics’ distribution partner in Nigeria, Assene-Laborex, helped organize and sponsor the events, which were held from October 2 to October 5. Euracare, a leading healthcare provider in Nigeria, provided clinical experts to conduct the tests, and the Nigeria Rugby League Association (NRLA) was the event host.

In addition to a location outside the tournament venue, Teslim Balogun Stadium, screening events were also held at a Lagos Euracare Clinic, Toyibat Comprehensive High School, and the University of Lagos. Ade Adebisi, Vice Chairman and General Manager of NRLA and Sickle SCAN spokesperson, was on hand for some of the events to meet and sign autographs for event participants. Adebisi is a former professional rugby player who has sickle cell disease and works as an advocate for awareness, diagnosis, and treatment for the disease.